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Dermatoglyphics Multiphasic Analysis (DMA)

DMA is a scientific study of the pattern on fingers. These patterns are uniquely intertwined with an individual’s genetic composition and central nervous system. The term was coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis, even though the process of fingerprint identification had already been used for several hundred years.


The science of Dermatoglyphics can identify your strengths, weakness, intelligence and majority of your inborn qualities to empower you with the knowledge to choose the path and work on your strengths, to achieve your goals and live your dreams.


Shocking Harvard study proves almost all children Are Born Geniuses… But Only 2% Retain Their Talents Into Adulthood. Statistics show that your child has a 98% chance of missing out on his or her genius potential… but with the right tools, he or she has a 100% chance to unleash the mind’s full power and lead an extraordinary life.


Today,  technology has substantially aided in the field of Dermatoglyphics. It has made it reliable, accurate and speedy to obtain as well as scrutinise the fingerprint set. Today, electronic digital technology is deployed which has hardware and software customised for this application.

Psychometric Test

Psychometrics test is a tool to assess ones career interests, based on acquired skills & aptitude. It bridges the gap between Education & Career. It helps in selecting or creating an educational road map and career development plan.


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Dermatoglyphics for all age groups

  • Toddlers (age 1-4)

    From birth through about age three there are vast numbers of connections and collections being recorded in the brain.


    Benefits: Knowing a toddler’s potentials at an early age help parents make decisions on parenting styles and educational methods and it also help them to choose the right school & right directions for the little ones. This is the time when you can alter their inborn intelligences and improve the weaker intelligences.

  • Children (age 4-12)

    From age three through twelve the brain begins to prune the excessive synapses in an attempt to get organized and eliminate what is not necessary.


    Benefits: At this age, Children are curious to learn and they can absorb more than they will when they grow older. Discovering their learning styles and areas of intelligences at this age gives a clue on what courses and activities they should spend more time on.

  • Teenagers & Young Adults (age 12-25)

    The teenage years consist of more aggressive pruning as the brain begins to specialize and build an identity.


    Benefits: Discovering learning styles at this age can better enhance one’s learning experience. It also serves as a guideline on what type of courses one should take. This is the stage where you can decide about your career.

  • Adults (25+)

    A stage where in individuality sets in as dominant personality trait.


    Benefits: Rekindle your passion for living and revive dreams from the past. Invest wisely in suitable self-development programs. Assess your EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ, SQ. Plan ahead to achieve your goals and live your dreams.

Advantages of DMA

•  Discover ones innate strength and weakness

•  Enhance learning experience by identify preferred learning styles

•  Personalize academic and extra curriculum programs

•  Minimize time and financial commitments on unnecessary courses

•  Reveal hidden talents

•  Boost self confidence

•  Improve family relationships

•  Makes academic and career choices easier

DMA Powered by

DECODE SELF – To discover your Natural abilities to live life to its fullest



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